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“I love how you’ve grown over the last year! I can’t wait to see where you go!”


“Your creative flare, skills and passion allows you to do what you do best-supporting the community you love! You definitely know that small businesses can’t always do everything on their own, you have clearly identified a service that has been a tremendous help.”

Amy Tung, Founder- I AM LOVE PROJECT”

“I love what you are doing, it just does not apply to what I do, even though I am a local small business.”

Janelle is a very personable person who stands behind each brand she features on Adoring Winnipeg. She highlights local companies and does it extremely well!”

“Adoring Winnipeg promotes local business in Winnipeg – Janelle is Sweet, kind and providing a service to local makers and buyers in Winnipeg.”

“Janelle has always been wonderful and supportive. My business/work has changed so much over the last few years and she has always reached out in anticipation of my needs and asked how she can help or how I would like to promote myself going forward. It is great to have someone in my corner, sending smart consumers my way :)”