Hi there,

My name is Yvonne and I am a certified Usui Reiki Master with Holy fire.

Working from my home, I enjoy providing people with the healing energies that they need.

I love how this gives my guests the permission to enjoy the fact that they can take time out of their busy day to sit back and go into a deep relaxation. This is achieved by letting the universal energy flow through me and give it to the recipient through a series of hand placements over the chakra center of the body.

Many benefits from Reiki are but not limited to:

✔Relaxation and meditation
✔Lower stress
✔Clear mental fog
✔Sudden urge to purge or get rid of the unnecessary
✔Promotes blood flow
✔Reduce pain and inflammation

Please message me if you need to push the restart button!

Luckily Reiki has no barriers!
Distant Healing using the energy of Reiki is not restricted by time or distance. If you are located further out of town or unable to travel, I am happy to connect with you at a pre-determined time. We will have a telephone consult prior to the session, then a follow up conversation afterwards.

Reiki has no boundaries!
Reiki can be given for different reasons. Reiki doesn’t have a concept of time. Because of this I can provide Reiki blessings, for a person or an up coming event!

Please watch the short video to show you what Reiki looks like!

$50 for one hour in person healing
$50 for one hour for distance healing
$30 for a blessing